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Peace and Michael's effect with Grege

Do you know that when Michael Jackson's funeral was aired on TV, 3500 police were needed for the service, alone? Do you also know... that the crime rate in California was at 0%, for the first time EVER?. The crime rate ceased,violence, theft, and negativity... took a break for the KING. That is love, that is peace and that is power. That is what Mike stood for. That is what we should all stand for in our mission for life. Mike had an impact, that no man or woman has ever had. PEACEFUL SOLACE, TOGETHERNESS, and TO stop CRIME and VioLence. UNITY and LOVE shows we have no difference in us as a people through GOD... I see one more reason to be a part of the movement, to get MICHAEL JACKSON on a stamp. BY Grege Maria Morris Gidron

May we see the differences as the same. Love Grege Mike's Friend


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