"Grege" brings awareness to Michael Jackson in interview.

There are people in entertainment that are real. Their are others that are not. I believe that when you share the light with another kindred spirt and it comes from the right place then nothing can happen to cause anything but a synergy of your light and…Read More

Grege Michael Jackson Movement

Sometimes we have to know the stars to move like them. I encourage all to look to all parts of self and to those we look to for strength as an extension.There you will find the answers to all your self needs. Think of jewels and songs and rhythms and being…Read More

Peace and Michael's effect with Grege

Do you know that when Michael Jackson's funeral was aired on TV, 3500 police were needed for the service, alone? Do you also know... that the crime rate in California was at 0%, for the first time EVER?. The crime rate ceased,violence, theft, and…Read More

Happy New Year We lost Michael Jackson but found each other love GREGE

I write inspirational messages and if you would like, I would love to share my messages with you... join my free group and be inspired... Happy New Yearhttp://justgrege.wordpress.com/2010/12/31/away-with-the-past-grege/ GreGE

Happy Holidays to all my Michael Jackson Friends and Fans GreGE

May the love of Mike, be yours forever and endlessly, unite our cause. Happy Holidays to all to all races, creed and people. WE are ONE in LOVE... GreGE

Acon and Michael Jackson by GreGE

What are your thoughts about Michael Jackson's release and will.I Am's opinion. Here we the truest fans share...love GreGE

MIchael on Oprah! by Grege

I was just sitting here watching the last of Michael's kid's, speaking about their dad. What made me cry and feel the pain, is that I suddenly realized why we love Michael, sooooooooooooooooooo much! WE all have a bit of Michael in us. I realize why Eddie…Read More
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