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MIchael on Oprah! by Grege

I was just sitting here watching the last of Michael's kid's, speaking about their dad. What made me cry and feel the pain, is that I suddenly realized why we love Michael, sooooooooooooooooooo much! WE all have a bit of Michael in us. I realize why Eddie Murphy my x used to sit on the phone w/ him many hours and put me on the phone with him, too. It was because we connected. We all connected. We feel, WE are one, We are in touch, and We are hopeful...for a brighter day. We empower his dreams and parallel his visions and live vicariously through them...all.
I am an artist, mom, business woman, friend, author, synergist, muse and person. Why, I share that w/ you is because, I am an extension of Michael, and so are you. We matter! We make a difference! OUr VOICE makes a difference! For all the right reasons...WE MATTER. Thank OU.. I LOVE YOU and YOU matter! I fel you all the way over here! GREGE


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