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Hello everyone,
First off, God bless all of you, whether you're serving, a family member of someone serving, or just a supportive civilian of families with a soldier currently serving.
I'm sending this bulletin to thank all of you who joined, making an obvious statement that you appreciate the struggles and sacrifice our beloved soldiers make every day for the freedom they cherish. This cause was made for YOU and your FAMILIES who face challenges that we civilians may never encounter or understand.
However, do we really have enough members in our cause, of the millions currently using facebook? Can't we invite more of our friends to a cause that supports active duty soldiers and families? We've all gotta show our support; its the least we can do for how much they do for us everyday.
I'd also encourage you to join another cause made for a similar purpose called "Thank a Soldier." I've been a member of it for a few years now, along with the millions of others standing behind our military; its great:D
Lastly, please pray pray PRAY for the soldiers and families in the United States AND people who are serving over-seas. Families have to say 'Good-bye' to loved ones all too much for them to not know how much we appreciate them for their sacrifices! God's hand is on them, whether they believe it or not:)
~Thanks, and please continue to Spread the Support,

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