To Stop Police taking the p*ss

The story In Brief:
18 Year old boy at a wedding decides to take the car around the car park for a spin (which im sure everyboy would do), when a police car pulls up and stops him, they tell him to step into the police vechile, he then is questioned on the incident but admits to the offence not being insured on the vehicle and gives all his details, while detained in the police vehicle he was attacked by the police officer whilst being watched by over 150 witnesses, first he was head butted whilst being suffocated with the police officers hand then handcuffed. All the witnesses paniced in fear of the police officers as they threat to use force if they did not flee the scene and then shot the boy with a tazer gun continuesly as a warning (if any one tryed helping him they where shown that if they came close at all he would carry on getting electrified by the weapon), when police were asked for there badge numbers their badges were removed and hidden away.

So people tell me do you think that this was a safe excerise to detain someone who has admitted an offence as minor as driving uninsured, surely there could have been a safer way to conduct police authourity? or could this be plain simple POLICE BRUTALIY?

1. Y would police shoot a tazer for minor offences?

2. why are they hating on us asians?

3. If it was legal why did they hide there badge numbers?