To create economic opportunities for low-income immigrant and refugee women through teaching English, communications and entrepreneurship skills, so they can establish successful livelihoods.

C.E.O. Women has a proven model of training and supporting low-income immigrant and refugee women who have dreams of starting their own businesses. We offer 16 weeks of training, followed by ongoing support, and access to capital services. We create entrepreneurs and improve women's economic livelihoods.

Our data shows that we’ve served over 1,600 women since inception. The model has been successful. In a recent survey of women served by our program, we found the following:

- 64 % of women report an average income increase of $28,000 per household.
- 56% of women start or grow businesses.
- 87% of them increase their confidence speaking, writing, and reading English.

C.E.O. Women started in San Francisco’s East Bay and is now in the process of scaling its services throughout the Bay Area. C.E.O. Women serves clients from Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe.

1. Immigrant and refugee women bring strengths and assets to the United States.

2. Immigrant and refugee women deserve improved economic livelihoods.

3. With training, coaching, and access to capital immigrant and refugee women will become contributing members of our society.