Provide Haiti with a better future

The island nation of Haiti has been in a constant struggle for the last 50 years. Destructive governments, a low literacy rate, and poor medical care have plagued the island nation. According to sources, over 50% of the overall population is illiterate. As well, 50% of Hatians do not attend Primary School and 80% do not attend Secondary School. Children, especially in rural areas, are the most affected, and yet parents are always willing to make sacrifices so that their children might possibly gain an education and bring themselves out of poverty.

In addition to providing healthcare, nutrition, and educational programs for Haitians, Hope For Haiti puts an emphasis on helping Haiti's children, so that one day they may create a better future for Haiti.

There is still hope

My name is Remi Poindexter and although I am not Haitian, I have family in Martinique, and we all love Haitian music and feel a common solidarity with the people of Haiti.

I created this group because when I searched for a facebook cause for Haiti, I found none. My main goal was to raise awareness because, although many people would love to help, few people remember that Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.

The money is going to an organization called "Hope for Haiti" but unfortunately I do not know very much about it. I mostly based my selection on the faith and hope that the organizaion is going to use our contributions to help the people who are in need.

If you are familiar with an organization which you feel would better serve the people, please let me know and I will change the benificiary for this group.

Thanks for supporting our cause

l'Union fait la Force

1. Every child in Haiti deserves an education

2. Medical care should be provided for those in need

3. It is necessary for people to realize the need for action in Haiti