'Giving Gardens' primary purpose is creating gardens within the local communities to help teach the importance of urban gardening and to help connect people with the planet

The giving garden is part of Earthtouch, a 501 (C) 3 not for profit organization dedicated to Preserving land and promote healthy interactions between people and the natural world to improve the health of all beings. The giving garden was created by Vince Withers, the owner of Café Bella. Vince runs the Giving Garden from Café Bella and has expanded to several other locations that he launched and they are run by others.

Coming soon to the Cafe Bella location: a greenhouse that will grow produce for the SDA CHOICE food bank--enough to support 80-90 Columbus families per season!

At least 95% of the produce grown in the Earthtouch Giving Garden is donated to the SDA CHOICE food bank, whose patrons will also benefit from "iron chef" demonstrations and gardening "starter kits." Beyond feeding those most in need of greens, these demonstrations will teach simple, nutritious cooking techniques and beginning farming methods.

If you'd like to roll up your sleeves and be involved in any step of the way, please contact us!

More to come about the greenhouse...

1. Teach gardening skills

2. To help members of the community become more self sufficient regarding food

3. To promote a deeper connection between, people, food, and the natural world

4. To promote a deeper connection between, people, food, and the natural world

5. Enhance overall community sustainability and well being