Helping children grow into healthy productive citizens - changing the world, one village at a time.

The Kironde Fund (KEHF) is a non-profit corporation working with the Kigalama Children's Initiative (KCI) in Uganda to create a model in the village of Kigalama where the environmental and economic conditions will ultimately make this village self-supporting; where children can grow up in a safe environment, having access to health care and education. Where possible the KEHF works with existing NGO's to provide services that are deemed necessary to further the mission.

The Kigalama Children's Initiative provides schooling, vocational training and aids/disease prevention education. They currently are dealing with approximately 600 children.  Current initiatives include better access to clean water, providing preventive medical care to children and expecting mothers, and developing income producing ventures that can provide employment and vocational training.  We are currently raising funds to provide support to KCI staff to administer, monitor and account for KEHF programs. 

The KEHF has successfully raised funds to install rainwater cisterns for the wonderful families that care for orphaned and vulnerable children. The cost is about $400 per family. Our goal was to install 84 cisterns.

The Kironde Education + Health Fund is a non-profit corporation. 100% of all money donated to this charity goes to the direct support of projects that meet our charitable goals and standards. All board members serve without compensation.

1. We support existing local non-profit organizations in Uganda that nurture orphans and vulnerable children.

2. We believe that indigenous groups understand issue and can manage services better and more efficiently than foreign NGO's.

3. Educated, healthy children do not become a burden on society.

4. Nurture is essential to healthy development.

5. We are working with the Kigalama Children's Initiative in Uganda. See our website at kriondefund.org