Help Kosovo get Recognized by Facebook - How to

Dear friends, I feel that although our cause may grow in numbers, and that of the other, that Kosova will not become a recognized region. Thus, I ask you to do a simple thing, one thing that if done by all our members, will bring about change to an unfair…Read More

Taking the cause one step further

Dear friends, Since the start of "Kosova's Independence", the administrators have seen a small dedicated cause of a hundred people turn into a large community of more than 9,000. It just goes to show how dedicated we are in gaining the rights that Kosova has…Read More (NKR): Contributors Wanted!

Dear all, (NKR) is looking for contributing writers on political, social, economic, etc. matters that involve the Balkans, more precisely Kosovo, and its relationship with the world; current developments in Kosovo; writings about trends,…Read More

Serbia faces crossroads over Kosovo

By James Robbins Diplomatic correspondent, BBC News The attacks on embassies in Belgrade, including the US embassy, were entirely predictable. The embassies themselves were braced for the danger. The American embassy was empty when the rioters closed in.…Read More

Reality in Kosova

BBC - Have your say - Kosovo

Added: Monday, 18 February, 2008, 13:51 GMT 13:51 UK One thing must be clearly stated that an Independent Kosovo will be a democratic, sovereign, peaceful and a secular state. Confusions regarding creating a muslim extremist state in the heart Europe are…Read More

Our goal has been accomplished.

Free at last. As of 9:49 AM EST, Kosova has been declared a sovereign and independent country. As such, our goal has been accomplished here, and I would like to not only thank you, but congratulate you. It may not seem to be a special thing to join a cause on…Read More
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