Help companion animals remain in their loving homes

It’s hard to imagine facing the pain of losing your best friend because of money. Unfortunately, it is a reality for more than 80,000 families who own pets in the Denver Metro area. When we think of hungry animals, we imagine stray dogs and cats wandering city streets alone, when in fact, many of the pets that are in need of food, come from loving, committed homes. Not having enough money to buy dog and cat food, litter and supplies is forcing families to make the unfortunate decision of giving up the pet they love. The situation is overwhelming. In Denver alone, it would take 38 million pounds of food to feed every hungry animal.

Help us raise money and pounds of food to help these families overcome their struggles; keep their families intact … furry companions and all.

All money raised will be used to support the Food Drive and purchase food.

1. 80,000 families in the Denver Metro Area struggle to feed their pets.

2. Food will be distributed through Food Bank of the Rockies