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Many thanks for joining the cause CRUZ GREEN ANIMAL ORGANIZATION.
In the world there are thousands of groups that have clear objectives for the protection and defense of animals, but for different purposes, these groups, among others and are dedicated to saving whales, dolphins others, others who have not runs bulls, no more animals in laboratories, no more animals for fur, protecting endangered species, and thousands more.
Currently there are animal rights (rights bienestaristas) that are accepted by the UN, UNESCO and the International League for the Rights of the animal, but in the end, there is an organization that lead to global human rights, thinking in that, comes the need for the creation of a neutral organization, without political and religious, and independent, with a head office (similar to the red cross), and with offices in all countries, this is the green cross animal whose mission would include: reassess enact, develop, promote, monitor and enforce universal rights of animals, through their organizations in each country. Existing organizations or leagues of the animals, who will lead the organization in each country, under the parameters of the headquarters. Any person may belong to the Organization Green Cross Animal, there will be no distinction of race, creed, etc..
The Green Cross Animal Organization will be the following abbreviations: OCVA (Spanish)-OAGC (English), etc, and each country should adopt this symbol to be recognized volunteers and activists.
Universal rights of animals that OCVA-enactment OAGC are:
ALL ANIMALS HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE RIGHTS - Right to life and respect.
Article 1: The animals are born equal before life and have the same rights to their existence.
Article 2: a) Any animal has the right to respect.
b) There are so-called species, which are: human animal species, animal species (mammal, bird, insect etc) so the species humanal, can not claim a right to exterminate other animals or to exploit the breach right. You are obliged to put their knowledge at the service of animals.
c) Any animal species shall be entitled to care, care and protection by men.
Article 3: a) No species of animal may be subjected to ill treatment or cruelty acts (eg on bullfighting, etc. b) seek to maximize the death of any animal species, whether by natural death, and as a last resort and provided that expert opinion that the death of an animal is necessary, it must be instantaneous, painless and non-generating anxiety.
Article 4: a) Any animal belonging to a wild species, tiendra their right to live free in their own natural environment, land, air or water and reproduce according to their nature.
b) There shall be no wild species deprived of their liberty, and any deprivation of liberty, including that which has educational purposes, this is contrary to law, wild animals will only be on the verge of extinction to control their reproduction and prevent the extinction of species, this should be controlled by expert organizations in the management.
Article 5: a) All animal species living in traditionally male environments, (such as pet dogs and cats), are entitled to live and grow at the pace and conditions of life and freedom that are characteristic of their species. and ensure that the owners also are responsible for the animal species in their care.
b) Any amendment to this rhythm or these conditions that was imposed by man for commercial purposes is contrary to that law is, is that the animals are not pets for commercial purposes.
Article 6: a) Any animal that man has chosen as a partner, is entitled to the duration of their lives according to their natural longevity.
b) The abandonment of pets is a special animal cruel and degrading act and should have penalties to their owners.
Article 7: We find that the animal species used as animal work will be dismantled and replaced by either mechanical means (for that you set a maximum term of 5 years from the adoption of this new legislation and in the meantime, the species animal shall be entitled to a reasonable...

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