to to provide sustainable community-based rural schools and world-class teacher training through collaboration with teacher educators and researchers around the globe.

Teach Cambodia provides free teacher training, classroom materials and curriculum support, and free summer enrichment and remedial programs for village children, to poor, rural schools in Cambodia. TC is the ONLY institution in Cambodia providing FREE teacher training and FREE full-day, full curriculum constructivist schooling for children grades K-8 (including 3 meals per day). We are funded solely through individual contributions, small grants and in-kind services. Every contribution -- small or large -- goes toward the training of teachers and the education of poor rural children in Cambodia.

1. www.teachcambodia.org

2. We believe that every child has the right to free public education in their own language.

3. We believe that rural communities can sustain community-based learning centers by training local youth and capitalizing on existing resources

4. We believe that providing world-class teacher training will support Cambodia’s efforts to achieve the worldwide Millennium Goals for education.

5. We believe that helping their homeland through support of Teach Cambodia offers Khmer worldwide opportunity for healing from the effects of genocide.