Mutual respect & Equality of people is not a myth STOP HATRED .

The 32-year-old Egyptian was the wife of Egyptian academic who was on a scholarship in Germany. Her husband was also hurt in the incident and is now in critical condition in hospital.

By the way her husband was shot by a German police man, of course he thought that the husband is the terrorist coz he is a Middle Eastern ethnic!!!

1. On August 21, 2008, Marwa was with her then 2-year-old at a playground in the Dresden suburb of Johannstadt.

2. She had arrived in Germany together with her son and husband, Ali, three years prior to the incident from Egypt.

3. On the playground,an argument arose between Marwa & and the 27-year-old Alex, where he insulted her with words like slut,Islamist,and Terrorist

4. After an official complaint was filed, a local court fined the man 780 Euro. The prosecutors felt that the punishment was too soft.

5. During the appeal proceedings on the morning of July 1st, Marwa El Sherbini was stabbed to death , after she won the defamation case.