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Hunter attacks our cause

Got a message from one of the hunters on facebook who feels my beliefs and the Remove/ban hunters from facebook cause is against not only his human rights but also the law. He also threatens me with a lot of different organizations. I'll be replying to him and maybe all of you should also send him a message :) heres his message

"Your group/cause exists with the intent to infringe upon people's civil liberties by banning them from use of Facebook for simply belonging to a group of people who like a certain activity. Furthermore, this group also promotes and supports a violent and confirmed terrorist organization (PeTA- classified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a criminal group that uses violence to promote political goals- AKA Terrorism). This group is in direct violation of the Freedom of Speech by going further than just complaining but actually trying to silence the voice of free speech from the pages of facebook. As a law-abiding and animal loving citizen who also hunts, please cease and desist from your actions, you have no right or place to try to ban people who enjoy hunting- which last time I checked is still Legal in the United States as well as many other countries. You also should know that by attempting this action can put you in serious civil liability with the ACLU, and many other organizations. It's one thing to say we don't like it, but it's quite another to ask facebook to ban them just because you don't agree with it! Reporting hunters and those who support the activity is just burdening Facebook with ridiculous libel, they have done nothing illegal nor have violated any of Facebook's Terms of Service. What you are doing can be considered a direct infringement of the 1st Amendment rights of other Facebook users. I will inform you that Facebook has been notified of this blatant disregard for others' rights and if it continues the repeated notification of the administrators will ensue until your group halts it's disrespectful and ignorant cause, also please cease harassing hunters for doing something that is perfectly legal and legitimate.
Thank you."

His name is Ryan Davidson and here is a link to his profile:


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