Join us ON March 22 as California's Community Colleges and Universities Save EDUCATION!

SSCCC March in March Type: Causes - Rally Date: Monday, March 22, 2010 Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm Location: Sacramento, CA Description We are all aware of the current budget crisis in California. It is now time to remind our legislators of the importance of…Read More


Wanna be a star and a hero? Support education and be on TV- Good Morning Sacramento-Channel 31- 2713 KOVR Drive West Sacramento, CA 95605 Parents, staff, and community members concerned about schools are meeting there TOMORROW morning at 6:30 am to sit at…Read More

Good Morning Sacramento - Channel 31 - Wed March 3

Good Morning Sacramento-Channel 31- 2713 KOVR Drive West Sacramento, CA 95605 We are going to go to SUPPORT EDUCATION on Wed. morning at 6:30 am to sit at their tables. we are hoping we can fill the room with all the support of the students, teachers parents,…Read More

Save our Teachers / Save our Schools!! : )

The time is coming near for all of us to stand together on March 4 for EDUCATION! We need your help...Please write a letter to your local legislator! Telling them to raise funding for education. It is not fair to fund prisoners at 50k a year and students at…Read More

Save our Schools! Unite for EDUCATION!!!

Save our Schools! Unite for EDUCATION!!! Stop the funding cuts, stop the fee hikes, Stop the layoffs! Parents, educators, students and neighbors we are asking for everyone to participate and get involved in one or more of these many rallies to save our…Read More

Raising Awareness for Education!!

We need to keep raising an awareness to the legislators, parents as well as community members that education needs to come first! Our students and children need to have a bright and successful future. We need to have the furlough days cut and tuitions…Read More

Save our schools & Universities! We need everyone to help out and be heard!

Become a leader for your area and lets make a movement all over CA, one school at a time. Getting parents involved & aware! Most parents have no idea how bad things really are! We are wanting to get parents all over CA to form meetings with parents &…Read More
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