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Updates! Happy President's Day!

Allow me to wish a Happy President's Day to everyone!

At this occasion, I ‘d also like to share one of Saron’s first pictures after she received her customized contact lenses. Please go to our fun page link to see Saron's picture

After all the medical examinations, there was a consensus amongst the specialists that the best way forward for now was to stop the deterioration... of her vision, stabilize her eye condition with customized, highly powered contact lenses and keep her condition under close observation with the hope that her eyes will be able to mature without any invasive procedures needed. Saron, my family and I are all very excited about Saron’s prospects, and wish to thank you all very fondly for your help and support over the past year and a half! Special acknowledgements will be made on the NVCF website shortly.

Going from here, and with Saron as inspiration and as learning example, we are in the final stages of submitting NVCF for a 501(c)3 qualification, which will allow us to start systematically help and find the best solutions for children with late stage or acute vision impairment who would otherwise not have the means to be treated. I am very excited about bringing New Vision Children Foundation (NVCF) to the next level and look forward keeping you all updated!

Thank you again,
KéAbnesh G. Zewdie

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