Doin' Lunch program-what do you think?

If you are a regular listener of KBRP you may have heard a new show called "Doin' Lunch with Dan Abrams". It comes to us thru and is a diverse interview program. Some folks really like the show, some don't. What are your thoughts? Whether you…Read More

Telescopic Audio Film Series

KBRP presents the Telescopic Audio Film Series – FREE TO MEMBERS! KBRP is proud to present an examination of various forms and personalities in music in our new film series Telescopic Audio. On the second Saturday of each month through December (and possibly…Read More

Station Mngr Ryan on Cochise Talk

Boomboxes and Brigad-ers Needed

Hi KBRP fans... 4th of July is coming up fast, and we're on the lookout for some boomboxes, and KBRP Boombox Brigaders!! If you have boomboxes, and/or want to walk in the parade with us, please let someone at the station know, or reply to this…Read More

Join the KBRP Boombox Brigade!!

Hey KBRP fans! 4th of July is quickly approaching and some of us thought it would be way fun and very cool for KBRP to have a presence in the parade. We've decided against the float idea, but have another great one. Going for super easy and fun, what we have…Read More

4th of July KBRP Float and BRATS

Margie Scott and Joy Walden are asking for help to decorate a float for the Bisbee 4th of July Parade. We also have an opportunity to enter a BRATS vehicle, this is a great opportunity to be involved in a community activity. We can decorate the floats on…Read More

Re-activation and Renewal...

KBRP is a all volunteer run community radio station. For the people, by the people. As such, we all do the best we can...and the radio has been on the air for 5 yrs!! That's something to celebrate! :) Fans of this Cause page haven't been hearing to much from…Read More
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