A little less global-warming?

Dear all, Last week we decided that our website should - if possible - run without polluting our planet. And now we have found the solution. The web-hosting company Fatcow.com is now running 100 % on wind-energy. This means that everything from the…Read More

We need more Post-It's

Dear All Today the team met in Thomas’ house in lovely Kokkedal, Denmark. In our temporary office we lined up four laptops, nine coloured pens and plenty of Post-It’s. And then we armed ourselves with weapons of mass-creativity and made the businessplan for…Read More

Status and progression on I Watch My Cause

Dear all, We in the team highly appreciate your commitment and can’t wait to get you involved in the process of creating the worlds most important charity tracking site. Right now our main work is attributed in development of our IWATCHMYCAUSE.COM site that…Read More

Ever wondered...

Get ready for a whole new way of charity. Ever wondered what happens to the money you donate for charity. Who benefited from those 20 bucks you put in the red cross collection bin? How many Africans got HIV-medicine for your companys 1000 dollar donation?…Read More

Can you really trust the companies you donate to?

I wonder how many examples we can find: http://www.rinf.com/news/sep-2005/08.html Join this cause and help create transparency in the money flow of NGO's

Cause Background

Too often when donations are given to Non-profit organisations, it is not tranparent how money is used. I Watch My Cause will seek to return decision power of funds provided back to the donators, by working with the beneficiary organisations to make their…Read More
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