Motorcycle Crash Facts

"The Hurt Report, released in 1981 by the Head Protection Research Laboratory, remains the most current study of motorcycle accidents resulting in injury. Among it's findings: *Approximately three-fourths of these accidents involved collision with another…Read More

It's almost here!

It's right around the corner! Warmer weather and sunshine! It's almost here...but so are motorcycles. As the weather begins to change and warm up more people will be out there riding. Just a friendly reminder to those of you who don't ride - watch out for…Read More

Thank You for your continued support!

We appreciate the amount of support we have received from everybody. Our hope is that we have been creating enough awareness that we have saved at least one life, hopefully more. We will continue to work hard to make sure we increase the awareness to people…Read More

Thank you for supporting our cause!

It is overwhelming to see the amount of support pouring in! We appreciate all of the hard work that EVERYONE is doing to create awareness about this extremely important cause. Thank you for dedication...

Thank You!

Thanks for joining Save a Life - Share the Road! Your membership helps our goal of raising motorcycle awareness and saving lives. We appreciate your support!
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