We can stop HIV transmission to 400,000 children by 2015!!

Without leaving your seat, or spending a penny, you can help ensure 400,000 children every year are no longer infected by HIV. All you need to do is sign the petition featured on our cause asking your government to fund treatments that will prevent mother to…Read More

cause members with children

Who still eats dinner at the table with the entire family??? Would you like to teach your children to give to the less fortunate? It is so easy. Take a can; and every time you sit down to eat throw some change in it and explain where that change is going and…Read More

the details of the climb the world challenge

The following are some of the details of what Team Wazungo will be doing for the Climb The World Event. Friday (Spet 18) night we will drive up to the event location and set up camp. Since it will be late we will be car camping. Saturday we will hike a…Read More

a climb the world update

Hey guys...thanks for supporting my cause. I have raised 530$ so far. This is a long way from my goal of 5K, but its a start. Some of you are doing more than your part and I would like to thank you for that. A special thanks to Gail Thrift and Dayna Hines.…Read More
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