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New Fundraising Campaign for June - Help Newly Diagnosed Families

As an administrator of a Cause on Facebook which benefits Autism Speaks, you have single-handedly helped us raise over $17,000 in 2010 in support of our mission.

In the past three months, Causes members raised nearly $8,000 to provide scholarships to summer camps for children with autism. More than 280 of our Causes supporters stepped up to donate to this worthwhile campaign.

For the month of June, we are asking for your help to promote a new fundraising campaign called “Autism Affects 1 in 110 Children - Help a Family During the Critical First Months.” As you may know, Autism Speaks offers a free “100 Day Kit” ( to help families navigate the critical first months following an autism diagnosis. Each kit costs Autism Speaks $25 to produce and send.

Please encourage your members to donate to this very important campaign which directly assists families affected by autism NOW, by sending e-mails and posting bulletins on your Cause’s page.

As an added incentive and thank you, we will reward the administrator(s) of the Cause which raises the most money during the month of June with some cool Autism Speaks gifts.

We are so grateful for your support - if there is anything I can do to help your Cause, please e-mail me at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]).

Jennifer Parsons
Social Marketing Manager, Autism Speaks

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