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Kaiden is in remission

Dear Friends,

This has been a LONG time coming...It gives me great pleasure, honor and humility to announce to you that KAIDEN IS IN REMISSION!!!

I truly believe in miracles and thank God for his Grace and Presence in Kaiden’s life and the blessing that he has bestowed upon the Evan’s family and all of us.

I thank all of you for lifting Kaiden and her family up throughout their journey: the incredible stress, anxiety, hardships, sorrow and fear that they have been experiencing. EACH OF YOU have contributed to today’s celebration and thanksgiving.

Thank you doctors, nurses, blood & platelet donors, meal providers, activity pack and gift givers, email and note senders, fundraisers, money donors and most importantly all of you who have prayed for this day! I cannot begin to express the awe that I am feeling right now and the sense of pride that I have to be part of this wonderful, charitable and loving community.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support for Kaiden and her family! Keep those prayers coming please for a lifetime of remission for sweet Kaiden.

God bless,


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