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Big day for the Evans today.
Below is a message from Michele, Kaiden's Mom. They have a meeting at 1PM with the doctors at Children's Hospital to discuss their recommendations on what to do now in Kaiden's course of treatment. Please send your prayers and good thoughts their way.

Hi Friends,
Thank you all for your posts, prayers, thoughts, and positive energy that was sent by you last week for Chad's father who suffered a heart attack and had 2 surgeries. He is out of the hospital now and is expected to do well with some life changes. Also thank you for the love and concern that was shown to my mother while she was in Kaiser hospital. She was not able to breathe without a good amount of oxygen on her. She had tons of steroid therapy, etc but never felt 100% better. As of now she has been released from the hospital but remains very short of breath. She will be seeing a pulmonary specialist soon. Kaiser's wheels move slowly.
Kaiden's Neuroblastoma team is meeting today to discuss plans for the cancer Kaiden still has. Tomorrow at 1pm we will be discussing their plan in detail. So you know the drill if around 1 pm if you remember, can you send a positive thought about Kaiden or send a prayer up for her. I will update as soon as we know the treatment plans for Kaiden. I love each one of you and without you I can't imagine I would get through any of this. Needing your help as we enter into a new journey with Kaiden. Also, please pray for the wisdom of the doctors decisions.
God bless you and your families.
Until tomorrow,
Michele Evans

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