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Update and Donation Request

Hello FB members of Kaiden's Page,

It has been a while since you have had an update so we will give you a brief summary of what is going on with Kaiden.

Kaiden has finished all of her treatment (surgeries, radiation local & MIBG, chemotherapies). She has had to deal with some intense side effects with chemo and radiation. But she continues to be a strong little girl and she has just turned 5 (on July 30th).

Kaiden had her bone scan on August 12th and the hope was that she would be in remission from the cancer. Much to everyone's dismay, this was not the case. Here is the note from Michele (Kaiden's Mom) that afternoon:

Dear sweet Friends,
Despite our best efforts today at 4:30 preliminary results of our
beautiful daughter's bone scan revealed that Kaiden still has
cancer in one of her legs. We do not have a plan yet. We are seeing
the oncologist on Monday to make plans. I will update again then.
Thank you all so much for your good thoughts and prayers. Please
continue to pray for our baby. Our hearts our broken over this
news. With love and gratitude to all of you,
The Evans Family

The doctors are still yet to meet with the Evans on what next steps there are for Kaiden. Since this news, Kaiden's grandfather had a heart attack (he is doing better now after surgery) and Kaiden's dear grandmother, Shirley, was in the hospital with breathing problems. Shirley is doing okay now after a short stay in the hospital to make sure her problems were not related to her cancer. Fortunately, this was not the case.

We are asking for your help in so many ways. Most of all, please continue to keep the Evans family in your prayers. The financial issues for this family are dire with all of Kaiden's medical expenses and the economys toll on Chad's (Kaiden's Dad) business.

We are calling on every FB member to send a donation of $5 (if you can send more, please do!). The Evans are in danger of losing their home and we are determined to make sure that does that happen. They have been through enough. Let's reach out and help them.

Please send a check (we do not have a way to accept credit cards at this time) to:
Kaiden’s Neuroblastoma Fund (make check payable to)
c/o Rabobank
146 West Los Angeles Ave
Moorpark, CA 93021

Thank you for your continued support and kindness to this family in need. And pray for Kaiden to have a path to remission.

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