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Blood drive for Kaiden

Hello All,

I hope that this email finds you well and that you had a nice Halloween with your families.

First things first, an update on Kaiden. She will begin high-dose radiation treatment tomorrow at UCSF. Kaiden will be in isolation for approximately one week, meaning that no one, including her parents, can be with her for more than 5 minutes per day. I cannot begin to imagine how hard this will be for Kaiden and her family as they thrive on each other's energy, touch and love. Please keep all of them in your prayers.

THANK YOU to all of you who recently sent Kaiden and her family cards, gifts, home-made posters, banners, activity packets, games, DVDs, snacks, etc. I know that Kaiden’s room will be well decorated with all of your words of love and encouragement and that your love & well wishes will help Kaiden and her family through this challenging time.

So, what’s next?

While Kaiden is taking care of business in San Francisco, WE have an opportunity to prepare for Kaiden's next phase of treatment. Following her treatment at UCSF, she will undergo chemotherapy followed by stem cell transplantation. Her immune system will be incredibly weak following these treatments and she will need multiple blood and platelet transfusions in order to survive and to regain her strength.

Team Kaiden, in partnership with the wonderful people from Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) and Holy Cross Catholic Church of Moorpark, will be holding a Blood drive for Kaiden on Sunday, November 15 from 8AM – 1:30PM.

Our goal is to secure donations from 100 participants, however, we can accommodate ~175 people. PLEASE help us surpass our goal! Please see the attached flyer for details. All blood types are welcome as your donation will either help Kaiden or another child at CHLA.

I’ve done the math and know that in order to achieve our goal that we will need participation from:

Those who participated in Kaiden's Kickin' Cancer's Butt Golf Tournament: Please try to get your foursome to sign up as a team. Just think how quickly we could fill up 100 spots if Kaiden's golfing buddies participated!!!

Those of you that subscribe to Kaiden’s Facebook Cause page – you have sent so many loving thoughts, prayers and donations for Kaiden...I'm asking you to please sign yourself up plus 1 or 2 of your Facebook buddies. Register for the same timeslot so you can chat real time - face-to-face!

All Team Kaiden members – please sign up or if you can’t make it, secure another donor to take your spot.

Our vast distribution networks...Please pass this message along to you friends and family and encourage them to participate.

Questions or ready to schedule time to donate? Please contact me at (805) 402-3789 or at [email protected]. Please sign-up for a donation time by Thursday, November 12.

I will keep in touch to let you know how our enrollment is progressing. Thanks in advance for your help!

God bless.




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