Ministry to Pimps and Prostitutes

We go out on the streets of LA to talk to pimps and prostitutes... to let them know that God has a plan and destiny for their life (and it's not to be pimping and ho-ing).

We also educate people and churches on the Game (pimping/prostitution), the 'rules' and language of the Game and how to reach out to people in the Game... as well as how they get into the Game, how girls get lured in, how the pimps work, the circuit, etc.

Our most important goal is that these people come to a have a personal RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ, and we believe that stopping prostituting/pimping, drug use etc. is a result of having a personal experience with the One true God and His LOVE.

1. Sharing Jesus/the gospel with people on the streets

2. Giving gift bags to the prostitutes to show them that they are special and of worth.

3. Letting them know of some options if they want to get out of the game.