An Update

Jack is struggling with his health, but we have some answers. Hopefully after some surgery set for Sept 1st, he will be doing much better. We know God is a big God! He is still loving baseball, playing with his cousins, going to the beach, singing at church,…Read More


Jack is playing tee-ball at the YMCA! It is about the experience for him. Jack has a true love for "baball"! His skill may not be where some of the other kids is yet, but he has a great time! I hope he knows just how big of fans his mommy and daddy are, and…Read More


Jack has recently had some tests come back that are concerning to the doctors (and of course to us too) I just figure this is a great way to reach people and ask them to say a little prayer for him...there are tests showing abnormal brain wave activity…Read More


Thanks for taking time to join Jack's cause and to read about this cause that is so important to us! Jenn (Jack's Momma)


I just want to say thanks for taking the time to join Jack's cause. I know sometimes we join causes because we are interested in them a little, but I can't tell you all how important this is to me and how much it means to me to get this word out. When I see…Read More
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