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Happy Mothers Day

Today is mothers day

And for My beautiful wife I honor her as a wonderful mother of our amazing daughter.

But I also, her for being the lady that has stepped up to be a mother for my kid brother.

See in august of 2005 My mother “ Carla Jean” passes away at the age of 44. She had small cell lung cancer.
My brothers Matthew was 9 at the time and is now 15. My wife loves Matthew and yells at him and takes care of him like her own.

That to me is what mothers day is all about. While my wife is one amazing woman there are millions of other stories not unlike hers.

There are mothers fighting on the front lines in our military. And women that raise kids on there own with no support or help and never complain. And there are women that take on roles not because they have too but because they want to.

So this blog post is for moms all over the world and by beautiful wife of over 10 years.

Happy mothers day

This is why Ablaze For A Cure was started because of my mother.

James Dias

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