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August 19, 2010

It has been officially 5 years since My mother (Carla Jean) Passes away from Small cell Lung Cancer.

My Mother was an amazing woman. I still think of her almost everyday I know it is getting easier for my Little brother Matthew who is an amazing young man. To loose your mom at 9 years old that’s hard to come live with your older brother after that (me) well that’s super tough.

I don’t write this to make anyone feel bad. I write this to pay tribute to a woman and in some kind of weird way hope this gets to her so she can see how we are all doing.

As many know Me and Matthew started a cancer fund. It is dedicated to Her. Its not a huge fund but the people supporting it grows every day.

I think the hardest thing about loosing someone so close to you is my mom was also my best friend. I still try to call her on the phone when Matthew is doing something good. Or when Alyssa is making her father feel less than smart due to her intellect being so much more than I ever achieved. Or how its been years since I have fought with my wife for any thing more than “what’s For Dinner”.

My mother was also the inventor of some of the Most ridiculous sayings in history.

The most used: “Don’t look at me like a bull at a bastard Calf” I would stand there scratching my head wondering what the hell that means.

If I could change my final words to her. They would be
“I love you lady, you’re an amazing woman and I will miss you for all time. We are going to do just fine. Me, Matthew, and Andy we got this life thing. We will make you proud I promise.”

So as august 19th this is the day I remember my mom and fight cancer back in my own way.

Thank you all,

James M. Dias

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