We started Ablaze For A Cure because of this day

On this day in 2005 My mother died at the age of 44 from Small Cell lung Cancer. In 2009 We started Ablaze For A Cure - Ablaze for a cure is a way for my family to give back. we donate to cancer of all types but in august it is Lung Cancer Alliance We have…Read More

Happy Mothers Day

Today is mothers day And for My beautiful wife I honor her as a wonderful mother of our amazing daughter. But I also, her for being the lady that has stepped up to be a mother for my kid brother. See in august of 2005 My mother “ Carla Jean” passes away at…Read More

Ablaze For A Cure to help St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Paul Damon from magichighway.com approached me tonight and sent me this amazing video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBg9cMlXxz8 after watching this sad but amazing video. I was on board! This is exactly what Ablaze For A Cure is all about. So I have…Read More

Thank you all

I love it! the support you all are great. Just wanted to let you all know this. Thank you all again James M Dias founder of Ablaze For A Cure

Please support Ablaze For A Cure

August 19, 2010 It has been officially 5 years since My mother (Carla Jean) Passes away from Small cell Lung Cancer. My Mother was an amazing woman. I still think of her almost everyday I know it is getting easier for my Little brother Matthew who is an…Read More

You Can Add Ablaze For A cure to your Profile

http://apps.facebook.com/causes/causes/308649/feature?m=0cbd9884&flow=join by clocking the link above this will add it to your profile here on FaceBook. Thank you all James

Ablaze For A Cure - The first ever joint traffic exchange charity

Thanks To Jon Olson of Sweeva I love Hits and hit exchange news, We just found out that as of yesterday we were only not to mention the first ever joint traffic exchange charity. With The Traffic exchange Industry growing everyday. Ablaze For A Cure is…Read More
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