Sealed honey vats found in King Tut's tomb still contained edible honey, despite over 2,000 years beneath the sands.

The bees are coming back...

If you love your honey campaign news

Did you know that with out the help of the Uk's bee keepers the bee population will become extinct. Because of this we need your help, yes thats right You. The great news is you can help;thanks to a new style of hive that has come on the market,weather you…Read More

A little message from the Greenman himself...

Hello! Thank you for supporting this cause. I was motivated to write this song when performing at a green fair in London last summer where I met two wonderful men by the names of Barnaby and Billy who are urban bee keepers. They had a mobile display of…Read More

'If You Love Your Honey' video link now live

The video link to Greenman's 'If You Love Your Honey' is now live on the Media Board - apologies for the delay. Time to spread the buzz...

'If You Love Your Honey' video to be posted shortly

Thanks to y'all who've signed up to save the bees. And apologies for the absence of the main event - the 'If You Love Your Honey' video. We're having a lil technical itch but should be sorted shortly so watch this space. In the meantime I had a little…Read More
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