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First part of S'Quarrels has arrived!

I received my first part of my order (108 decks) of S'Quarrels on Friday morning! I was like a little child on Christmas morning as I opened the first box to find 6 other white containers. Pulling one out and setting it down, I lifted the lid to see for the first time, an official printed and packaged deck of the game I had created. It was an amazing feeling looking it over; I didn’t want to open any of them at first.

A short time later I was peeling the seal off of my first game, carefully sliding the flap open and removed the contents. There it was, each card, the rules, and the packaging it came in. I was (and still am) very excited to have created this card game, S'Quarrels.

While the first 108 decks ARE already sold out, I should be receiving the second shipment the first week of November. If you have not yet placed an order then take a moment and place your order at

Thanks for all your help in making this game a reality! Some people will have to wait a few more days due to waiting for the remainder of the shipment; we will do everything we can to make sure as many people as possible have their decks on November 2nd, 2009.

Best Wishes,
Bryan R. Lovell
S'Quarrels Card Game Designer
Home Lantern Games

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