The cause has served it's cause...

Everyone, thank you for all your support in helping get S'Quarrels published, we had many preorders and many others after the game was released. At this time the CAUSE site will be converting over to a page specific to the game. Everyone please join the page…Read More

S'Quarrels expands into multiple retail markets!

That is right, S'Quarrels in no longer just local to Seattle. Since several online orders had come from individuals in Utah, I took a trip to the state to visit with a couple distributors and SEVERAL stores along what’s called the Wasatch front. Currently we…Read More

First part of S'Quarrels has arrived!

I received my first part of my order (108 decks) of S'Quarrels on Friday morning! I was like a little child on Christmas morning as I opened the first box to find 6 other white containers. Pulling one out and setting it down, I lifted the lid to see for the…Read More

First Shippment of S'Quarrels due to arrive!

As of today October 15th, 2009 I have recieved notice that our first shipment of S'Quarrels will be arriving TOMORROW! We will be able to fill all pre-orders and get the decks out to you by November 2nd! If for some reason you have not placed your order, be…Read More


First, thank you VERY much for all your support with the cause to help get S'Quarrels Published! On September 23rd, at about 11:10PM Pacific Standard Time, we officially reached the needed 350 supporters. Go to and click on the "Pre-Order…Read More

SQuarrels, the dream begins...

Have you ever had a dream that you wish would become a reality? Most of us have a dream of some sort in our lives. Our dreams can be simple or a lifelong endeavor. I wish to share with you one of my dreams… My dream does not go back fifteen years or even…Read More

Publication is underway...

We are getting very close! Over 300 supporters have now signed up to support the cause to help get S'Quarrels published. I am amazed how in just a couple months, we have been able to discover so many of you with an interest in this game. What is even more…Read More
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