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S'Quarrels expands into multiple retail markets!

That is right, S'Quarrels in no longer just local to Seattle. Since several online orders had come from individuals in Utah, I took a trip to the state to visit with a couple distributors and SEVERAL stores along what’s called the Wasatch front. Currently we have 3 stores, 1 chain, and 2 distributors that will be placing our game on their shelves. The best part is we have probably 4 other stores that will be also placing orders later this week. With all that is going on, our original print of S'Quarrels is nearly half way gone in only 4 weeks of having received the first part of our shipment.

Currently we are preparing for a SECOND shipment due to the amount of games that are being ordered. Next year we will continue to push into the California and Oregon markets in the first part of the year. Later we will investigate other options such as Texas, New York, and Virginia areas. The goal with every trip is to get in with at least one if not two distributors that will help push our product into new markets. With every trip I take the time to visit as many stores as possible that would likely carry the game. This gives those stores a firsthand experience of playing the game so they can then sell it to their customers.

Everyone, if you have not played S'Quarrels yet, you have got to get your hands on a deck. This game is a lot of fun and is catching a lot of speed in the market place. Be sure to order one of your decks before the first shipment is all gone!

Does your game store carry S'Quarrels? Be sure to ask if they do next time you go in. If you ask, I am sure they will soon if they don't already. Just let me know who you asked, I will be sure to contact them. :)

Best Wishes,
Bryan Lovell
S'Quarrels Card Game Designer

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