Breed-specific legislation, which places restrictions or bans on dogs because of how they look, negatively affects responsible dog owners because there is absolutely no focus on the owner’s behavior.

Despite writing letters and giving speeches BSL has passed though here in Aurora, Colorado. I own tag number #99 to the only registered Staffordshire bull terrier in Aurora. As a responsible pet owner, my 13 year old son isn’t allowed to walk him because you must be 18. I have six foot fences inspected by the city, a $100,000 home owner’s insurance policy, 4 ft leashes and a muzzle, and finally a $200 fee to city yearly. This is a result of BSL punishing good pet owners, and I am one of the lucky ones because I was able to keep my pet in the city of Aurora. We can’t continue to ignore irresponsible pet owners that put our families at risk. BSL is a not effective at making our communities safer, however it is effective at punishing responsible owners who do not put us at risk.

1. http://stopbsl.com

2. Tens of thousands of guiltless dogs of targeted breeds have been and continue to be rounded up and killed in the name of breed-specific legislation.

3. BSL is an effective way to punish responsible pet owners, while offering no solutions for irresponsible owners.

4. Non-targeted breeds continue to bite and do severe—and sometimes fatal—damage.

5. Please write your legislation!!!