A banner month

Hi Everyone: We have made osme solid progress this month, adding new members and having our best month yet, and we still have over a week to go. Lets make october our best month ever. So get an email out to freinds, co-workers, neighbours and your friends on…Read More

Saddle Up

Hi everyone: I hope you are all doing well. Over the last month or two we have slowly yet steadily added folks to the cause and raised more money each month. Now that we are all back to school, now is the time to saddle up and take this to the next level. In…Read More

Lets take this thing to the next level

Hi Guys: A breif note to interrupt your searching here to ask a fav. Lets double our membership this month, to do this we need you to recruit one new person and get them using goodsearch. So get an email or a facebook note of to someone today and we are all…Read More

Lets take this to the next level

Hi Everyone: Thanks for all your support to help found our group. However its time to take this to the next level. Our goal is to reach 100 members in the next two weeks. I am sure we all know a plenty of folks that use the internet every day, I know I do.…Read More

Download the toolbar and search / shop your little hearts out

Hi Everyone: Thanks for sgning up for our goodsearch fundraiser. Now that you have signed up be sure to download the toolbar and declare las vegas prep foundation as your charity of choice. Once you have done this will show in the I support area of the tool…Read More
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