RE: Fans -- Clarification

Sorry that last e-mail was so vague. I thought it would have a bit more information. This is from Kristen Berglund and I was referring to fans for Magnificat house, the halfway house that I'm doing a therapy group for that doesn't have air conditioning. So…Read More


Hey guys -- I know it's late in the season but these ladies can still really use some fans. If you have an old fan lying around or if you have some cash you can donate toward purchasing a new one, let me know. Any size, any type - they don't care. It's still…Read More

magnificat house update

Ok, so even if we provide window units, the ladies are not allowed to run them because of electricity costs. They are not even allowed to turn on ceiling fans until they go to bed at night. Any ideas how to overcome this obstacle? I e-mailed Reliant and they…Read More

thank you

Just want to thank you all for caring about this... I have been running a group at this house every Saturday morning - early- and the heat has been ugly... the women never complain about it but I asked how the sleeping was going and it's not. No air upstairs.…Read More
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