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New Works by Gordon Syron

Opening Night: Tuesday 6th of July at 6pm

Tuesday 6th of July - Saturday 3rd July 2010

An inspirational role model Gordon Syron has been recognised as a seminal figure in urban and contemporary Aboriginal Art.

Self taught, he began painting in prison in 1972 and, following his release, co-founded the visual and performing arts college, the EORA Centre, becoming its first visual arts teacher. Amongst the many Indigenous artists who credit Syron with having been an important influence on their work are Queensland political satirist Gordon Hookey; National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award winner Richard Bell; and painter, photographer, cartoonist, and graphic designer Adam Hill.

Following a period of seclusion during the 1980’s his renewed interest and involvement in the politics & history of Aboriginal self-determination saw him paint a major series on the theme of Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. He later became the President of The Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Committee in Sydney.

Syron’s first retrospective, officially opened by Dr Vivien Johnson, was held in 1998, at the Australian Museum in Sydney. During that year he became artist-in-residence at the Humanist Society and, in 2000 ,he created a solo exhibition for the Humanist International Forum at the Law School of the University of Technology, Sydney.

His works were officially exhibited during the 2000 Sydney Olympics; in the Australian Pavilion at the 2004 Greek Olympics, and in the foyer of the Australian Pavilion at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

During 2009 Syron won the University of NSW College of Fine Art (COFA) award, and the NSW Parliament House Prize. The National Museum of Australia acquired a major collections of his works in 2010 and he recently been appointed Adjunct Professor of Indigenous Art at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Amongst many national and international collections of distinction, Gordon Syron’s works are held in the collections of the Sydney Maritime Museum, the Sydney Museum, the National Australian Museum, the Aboriginal Legal Service, the Aboriginal Medical Service, the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, the Aboriginal Arts Board, the University of Adelaide, Flinders University, the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption, and the National Trust.

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