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Right now Australian cattle are being maimed and tortured before suffering the most painful deaths that the animal welfare movement has ever seen.

What's more, this callous slaughter is carried out in facilities that use equipment paid for by Australian taxpayers and inspected by Australian authorities.

Tomorrow a petition at Parliament House (Australia) will be presented in a press conference with the RSPCA, Animals Australia, and the Australasian Meat Industry Employers Union (AMIEU). The urgent petition calls on Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig to end the cruel practice of live cattle export.

This video is horrific.. please watch it but remember its not for young children & to most Australians your heart will break.. I hope everyone from around the world feels the heartbreak as I did seeing such a beautiful innocent animal being slaughtered in the most painful horrifying way..

Sign the petition & help ban live exporting to Indoneisa & eventually WORLDWIDE!!!

Thanks, Marnie Louise xx
Please support me.. we need to stand together.. No animal can speak for himself, we must speak for them & give them the kindness they deserve!!!/pages/Marnie-Louise/205987506086596
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