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In order to make change, we must all come together!

I am a very strong opinionated woman with a very straightforward view on animal rights, I am against the fur farms in China & trust me I will do anything & everything to get as much attention as possible so the world will know exactly the amount of damage China has done. Do NOT slam me for making an effort in notifying as many people as I can.. I am one person & there is only so much I can do but with the help & support of you all we can get another step closer to Boycotting ALL China products!! If nobody buys items from China.. then there is no money made therefore China will have no business.. its that simple.. BUY CHINESE & ANIMALS DIE! I will be also focusing on the leather making & the horrific procedures used on the cows to make your leather shoes & bags soon.. its just as awful.. more information needed to be gathered firstly.
Those animals are innocent & have rights even more then humans!!
Speak for the speechless!!

Word of heart:
After growing up on a farm with a love for horses & all animals, watching the videos and viewing the photos showing what is happening everyday makes me sick in every way possible.. its horrific. Please help me in opening the worlds eyes to a sickening reality taking place everyday right under our noses!!! Marnie.

Personal support is needed, I cannot acheive anything without support of you all.


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