Get the government to lower the age limit for cervical smear testing.

Joanne Rosemary Wood
Born - 12/09/1980
Died - 25/08/2006
Was a vibrant wonderful person.
A mother to 2 beautiful boys. Her first born March 2001 and her second born June 2004. Both born by cesearian. Jo was not given a smear test after either of her children were born.

Jo was diagnosed in Feb 2006 with cervical cancer. She fought the fight like a true trooper however sadly she lost her fight in Aug 2006. She was a month away from her 26th birthday.

Having been there helping and supporting Jo and her family and watching the agonising results for all included it is something I care deeply about.

Jo's 2 younger sisters one of whom is 22 next week and a mother of 2 children - her mother spent 2 years fighting with the medical board to get her tested which she has finally been tested and cleared. Her other sister who is 23 with a child is still untested because she is under 25. This is wrong!!!!! These girls have already suffered watching their big sister suffer through this and finally lost their sister to it. I think they have suffered enough.

It is my belief that anyone who is sexually active is at risk. I believe it should become law that any woman/girl who gives birth should automatically be given a smear test at their 6 week post natal check up to help reduce the risks of cervical cancer. And the unnecessary deaths of these young women.

Please join this cause and help us raise awareness and if we get enough people join we can pass the group link to the correct government people to see if it will do any good.
Thank you

1. The government will not allow any woman under the age of 25 be tested for cervical cancer this needs to be lowered to 18 years old!!!!

2. With the number of young mothers rising rapidly this really is such a huge thing.

3. It is becoming more and more common for women 25 and under to be diagnosed with cervical cancer too late and subsequently having their lives cut short