Raise awareness about Ovarian cysts and cancer

This cause is for anyone who knows or has felt the effects of living with or living with someone who has had ovarian cysts, which in turn, can lead to ovarian cancer. Ovarian cysts form each month as the egg is released from the ovary. Most are completely normal and nonpainful, but if the cyst closes back up after the egg is released, it forms into a cyst. This cyst can keep growing and they can become very large. They then begin to press on your bladder, which makes urination painful at times, or just having a full bladder is miserable. It can also press against your ovaries, causing the wall to become so thin, your ovary loses blood and is lost. Also, its just plain painful! The cyst contains fluid and blood, so when these rupture, the body must reabsorb all of the fluid back into the blood stream, which anyone who has had this happen to them knows, ITS VERY PAINFUL, especially in your shoulders. If ovarian cysts continue throughout your life, this can eventually lead to ovarian cancer, especially around menopause and after. Many young (and older!) women aren't aware that this is something happening and is something that can happen TO ANYONE. This is why I began this group, because I am one who is trying to keep these from coming back. So please, be aware what is going on with your body and don't be afraid to ask questions. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed and that all women should be aware of. Thank you for taking the time to read this and may God bless you in everyway possible.

1. Ovarian Cysts can lead to ovarian cancer.

2. Face it - IT'S PAINFUL!!

3. Can cause loss of an ovary, if not both.

4. Can cause loss of fertility.