Bring hope and transform at-risk kids into responsible citizens

Co-founded by Dr. Lori Salierno and with over 11 years of experience working with young people, the 'Teach One to Lead One®' project is making a positive difference in the lives of kids.

A 16-year-old girl in Bossier City, LA going through the program said to us: "I am crying because this is the last session of the program and I will miss coming here every week. This is the only time in the week when I am sorrounded by good people and people who care about me".

Imagine living that kind of life at age 16.

A high school boy in Marietta, GA told us during one of our graduation ceremonies: "My mother tried to kill me when I was younger. Can you imagine a mom trying to kill her son?"

No, we cannot imagine a mother wanting anything bad to happen to her son, much less try to kill him.

For these and many other 'unthinkable' reasons we are so committed to our work. Our goal is to reach every young person with a message of hope and a word of instruction so we can help them get on the right track of life and make it possible for them to succeed.

Please join us! We all have a responsibility to help.

This project has been sponsored by Celebrate Life International, Inc. (CLI). CLI is a 501(c)(3) service organization dedicated to the development of leaders of integrity.

Our Vision:

As we chisel down the pages of history, we stand on the firm foundation of Truth. Leading our youth to this foundation is our vision for this world.

It is our vision that for generations to come our society will give hope and educate our youth into responsible citizens who will be:

* dependable employees,
* responsible parents,
* trustworthy executives,
* role modeling educators,
* honorable politicians,
* compassionate entrepreneurs,
* local community visionaries,
* passionate church leaders

1. Each child deserves the opportunity to become a leader

2. Each adult has the responsibility to contribute to educating the next generation

3. Each one of us can positively lead another and make this world a better place