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Caption Action 2: June 2013 Newsletter

This is the Caption Action 2 newsletter for June 2013.

Backlog Cleared

We cleared out the backlog because of all the "pledges" to caption that have come in. Approximately 50 new shows have been added to since the last newsletter, and we have more to add.

New Look on Blog

We switched the blog to a new template. With the new template, you can easily scroll down and see every show on the blog, going back to the beginning. A new label has also been added: award-winning.

Pay Channels on YouTube

YouTube now has pay channels. A few of them have captioning, and they have been added to the blog.

Web Soaps

Recently the two previously cancelled soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live, returned, with captions. Both are listed on the blog.

Netflix and Amazon

Netflix has been captioning its original programming, and Amazon is apparently intending to do the same as Amazon Studios have green-lighted some pilots for full production. Since the pilots were captioned, we have 100% confidence that the full shows will be too.

Over 600 Contacts

Even so, how hard is it to convince web TV producers to caption? Consider: over 600 producers have been asked to caption; only a tiny sliver have agreed to do it. But we will keep trying. There are thousands of web TV programs out there.

My Gimpy Life Kickstarter

We are fans of the web TV show My Gimpy Life (MGL), which has a kickstarter at to raise funds for its second season. (By popular demand.) MGL has been captioned from the start, and publicly credits Alex Lotz as the captioner. All the extras and the kickstarter videos are captioned. MGL is one of the best web TV programs (ranked #12 by Complex in its top 25 list - MGL is an honest and funny look at life as a wheelchair user. That's something we can identify with; Robert is a wheelchair user. Watch the show, and you will see why it is totally worth donating as little as a dollar to support a second season of this award-winning (two International Academy of Web Television awards: Best Directing (Comedy) and Best Female Performance (Comedy)) show.

Veronica Mars

You may have heard about the record-breaking kickstarter for a Veronica Mars movie. We made a lot of noise to get the kickstarter pitch video captioned, and a volunteer stepped up to caption it.

Yahoo Started Captioning!

Yahoo started captioning - we do not know when. But in late March, we discovered that Yahoo had started to caption. We have been told that Yahoo's goal is to eventually have 100% captioning. Yahoo shows are being added to the blog.

CNN Too!

Early in April, an alert viewer discovered that has started to closed caption too! Some of the videos in the middle of the home page, under "Read This Watch That" are now captioned. The CC button can be found in the lower, far right corner of the video player.

International Web Series

Nine times out of ten, if the web series was produced outside of the United States, it will have English subtitles or closed captions. Producers of foreign web TV programs want to make sure that Americans can watch too.

At End of Year...HuffPost Video?

Do you read the Huffington Post website? They have video. The Huffington Post's video arm (AOLon) has informed us that by the end of the year, they will begin captioning.

Movie Theater Access

Senator Harkin introduced a bill that would amend the Americans with Disabilities Act to mandate that movie theaters be able to show captions. It is a simple bill, S. 555, the Captioning and Image Narration to Enhance Movie Accessibility Act (CINEMA). Introduced March 13, 2013, it does not have any co-sponsors. Another Harkin bill, S. 556, requires captioning on in-flight entertainment movies. No co-sponsors. Without co-sponsorship, neither has much chance. Co-sponsorship helped get the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act passed in 2010.

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