The CHERISH Foundation seeks to help children and adults with neurological conditions, diseases, and injuries that interfere with full and active lives

CHERISH seeks to provide funds for children who need Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies (HBOT) for brain injuries, but cannot gain medical reimbursement, and cannot afford such therapies.Read more about the CHERISH a Child fund

CHERISH seeks to educate physicians on the proven and reimbursed mainstream medical applications for HBOT, as well as HBOT applications that may be less known and accepted. CHERISH is establishing a physician CME Course with the Albert Einstein Medical College for its first CME course in 2005. Read More about CHERISH Education Program

CHERISH also seeks to support and implement research on the benefits of HBOT for brain injuries, neurological conditions, genetic conditions, as well as aging. Read more about CHERISH Research

1. http://www.cherishfoundation.org

2. Pay for needed Medical Treatments for Disabled Children including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

3. Fund Research and Education in advancy medical treatments for disabled children