To bring an awareness to the National media bias of abducted and missing African-American Children

It is imperative to question how reporters present information to the public because news coverage of issues often sets the tone for how audiences perceive them. If we don't find it important to voice opposition to this varience in news coverage, neither will the media, nor the general public

1. There is a difference in reporting missing Black Children on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News

2. There is a lack of national media focus on missing Black women—but Black males get even less attention

3. Such things as newsroom diversity, news operation routines, media ownership, and commercial motives of media contribute the lack of representation

4. It was found that African-American missing children were significantly underrepresented Nationally in television news coverage

5. study found that race, attractiveness and youthfulness were unfair criteria of newsworthiness in media coverage of missing women