Lograr justicia con personas enfermas mentalmente que se ensañan con lo animales como si fuera un acto de valentia

Douglas Barahona to eat a cat, a dog either another animal while still he is alive is not a satanic act nor something revolting. It considers it as something normal and until says that to these they help it meals not to become ill don't mention it. Although it seems incredible, a man of 34 years has been four years of to have changed the rice and the kidney beans by everything what it moves prefer and it alive. Douglas Barahona, a mounter of Cane bulls, is fed on animal that are alive and enjoys to feel how its mouth gives off the head to them while still they move. “I rise and what breakfast is any thing that walks that way, a dove, a chicken, zanate, which is I take hold, them, I take the head to them, I take the blood and later me the control”, explained Barahona. He initiated by chance with this unusual diet four years ago, looking for a weapon to feel like more fort before any sum, because its passion is to dominate to bravest of the bulls, and discovered that to take the blood from an alive animal he gave that strength him. “It was a thing that was born the anything that, it was happened to me, and when me as an alive animal I feel with more energy, more force to dominate the bull, that blood gives one force, that is my secret”, commented. Four days before the sum Douglas Barahona, known in Canes like “Tata”, it looked for a tiernito cat, or a small dog, went away to some pasture and ate it. Arrived the day of the sum it takes in his stock market a bat and shortly before raising the back of the bull eats it.
According to Barahona, this secret him has allowed to have more force to dominate to any bull and for that reason it will continue it doing always, and as it feels that type of meat and blood is very healthful, decided to make them part of his daily feeding.

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