For Our Zoroastrian Religion,

Ladies and Gentlemen, I've found a cool way to raise money, every time I shop online or search the web! I'm using to raise money for Spenta Unviersity, every time I shop online at any of their 833 participating stores. Spenta may get a donation of…Read More

Happy Khordad Sal

On his birthday, as per Parsi calendar, let us join hands and empower our religion. Help us to build the best university, as he deserves the best. " whoever is united with me, I promise him the best through good mind, my only riches." Gathas song 11 stanza 18

Join Asho Zarathushtra for ever!

Join Asho Zarathushtra, and be part of a history! Do you want to remember a loved ones or give a valuable gift? We invite you to permanently make your mark on Zoroastrian history by participating in the project that will forever link the past to the future:…Read More

Zarathushtra Needs Your Help!

Hello Friends, Ushta! Your help is required! Join Ashu Zarathushtra and his friends to empower our religion with a first class University. Be a volunteer fundraiser and raise money that supports the cause today and lays a foundation of learning and…Read More

Fundraising Campaign Update

Good morning all. Mehrdad Namiranian, our IT officer, is tirelessly working on ideas to promote our campaign through internet. Please do share your ideas with him. His email address is [email protected] A huge thank-you to all for your support to this…Read More
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