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Letters to change the coming schoollaw

The swedish goverment has now presented the proposal to the parliament, and we have work to do!
None of our opinions in the matter of homeschooling in the proposal has been heard. The proposal is presented without changes. The Swedish Association for Home Education, Rohus, is doing a lot of lobbying, and so can anyone interested in this. We can send letters, and mails, to people involved in this new schoollaw, asking them to change the proposal before it is too late. Please remember to be polite. Here are some email-adresses to use:

Our minister of education, the one in charge of the new schoollaw.
Jan Björklund
Jan Björklund

At his office, as an expert in school-politics, there´s also:
Fredric Skälstad

Our Prime minister (conservative):
Fredrik Reinfeldt

Spokespersons in school politics:

Vänsterpartiet- the socialists
Rossanna Dinamarca

Socialdemokraterna- social democrats
Marie Granlund

Miljöpartiet- environmental party
Mats Pertoft

Folkpartiet- The liberals
Fredrik Malm

Centerpartiet- the centre party
Sofia Larsen

Moderaterna- The conservatives
Margareta Pålsson

Kristdemokraterna- The cristian party
Gunilla Tjernberg

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